Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Daily life

Hopefully I'll get Christmas pictures posted soon, but this is what we've been up to.
I tired to get a good picture of June's eyes. We have no idea what color they'll end up, but sometimes they're blue, sometimes they're hazel with only a blue ring. I hope they stay this way, a little of Mike's, a little of mine.

June LOVES playing with Mike, we wish he could be home all day everyday.

Sometimes we head back to bed after waking up too many times and too early. One morning I heard June waking up, so I went out to find her sitting like this. Don't you love her expression?

I try to get things done, whether it's cleaning, projects or cooking, but it usually takes me a day for one of those. How do some women do it?

We love to watch the weather!!

Bouncers are AMAZING! June goes crazy in there and loves to jump even when she's not in there.

Mmmmm. Lately June has tried to lunge at my food when I'm holding her and bringing food to my mouth. I've gotten the feeling that she's very ready to eat. Over Christmas she was loving all the pickles, homemade jam, crackers and other things we would give her. As for the rice cereal, she's not quite sure what to think.

And today we're fighting a cold. I promise she doesn't look this sad, she had just woke up and the flash was bright. She had a rough time trying to sleep last night, so she ended up spending the night in the swing to be propped up. After finally getting a few hours of sleep, her poor nose had dripped and crusted over. Now it's back to running constantly and she cries whenever I give it a wipe. She's still pretty happy, so it just breaks my heart watching her put up with the cold.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another first for June

First pig tales!! I love playing with June, but I'm sure these new firsts are more exciting for me than her.

Don't you just love how her hair is just around the bottom of her head?

And her her first Bumbo!

And some more of what we've been up to- trying to keep her entertained while I do things I want to do (Guess getting dressed wasn't on my list of thing for this day, but making cookies was). And Mike and her just look to cute together, had to add that pic.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our little angel

Appropriate right? We think so. I didn't want to spend any money on a costume she might not even get to wear and wouldn't remember, so I made her some wings. I inherited my parents thrift genes. Lots of time and work, but the important thing is its FREE, right? And I do feel pretty good, accomplished and talented when I make something. The wings are a little big, but maybe next year we'll use them again. June was so patient with me and wore them, and I think Mike was pretty surprised at how well the whole outfit turned out- that made me feel pretty proud of her costume. Good thing Mike's work had a party so she could actually wear them.

Monday, October 19, 2009

3 amazing months!

This third month has been so fun and June seems to be learning so fast. One week she would make a small little laugh/mumble noise (by accident and surprise herself), the next she's talking (intentionally making noise), then the next she's laughing. Now she's learning to use her hands to pull her toys to her mouth. It's amazing what they just naturally learn to do. I try to facilitate her learning by hanging toys right on her chest, but I don't feel like in anyway I'm teaching her to reach and gain control. Really, I'm just the lucky one that gets to watch her figure the world out.

June starting to grab things- when it's conveniently by her hands.

Now she's reaching, grabbing and pulling to her mouth. She's also playing with her blankets, pulling them up to her face to snuggle for a second. I noticed yesterday that she's rubbing her eyes when she's tired. Such little things, but so big to a mom. I love this girl.

Cascade Springs

I love days when:
1. It's super warm out and I feel like winter is far, far away.
2. Mike doesn't have work and gets to spend the whole day with us.
3. And we spend the day like this...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brian Head

Conference weekend we went with Mike's parents and sister's family to Brian Head. Being the Vegas go-to place for winter weather, you'd think I would have been there, but no. Maybe because I'm not a winter-loving person. BLAAAH. And, to describe Brian Head in one word. COLD. And for a second word, WINDY. Maybe it's not always both of those, but it didn't leave a warm inviting impression on me. It was a good vacation though, don't get me wrong, I'm just not ready for the winter, never am.

As for June's first vacation, I was very proud of her and how well she did. She was happy and good and just like she always is. I'm pretty lucky with this little girl.

The boys went 4-wheeling, so we bundle, and I mean BUNDLED the kids up and went on a walk so that we could get out for a bit.

How cute are these little cousins?

I just love my little lady.
Mike and I did get to enjoy a nice 4-wheeling trip with Amy and Cary with a little break from the kids. Maybe I'll get a picture of that later.

Monday, September 14, 2009

All grown up and moving out.

June's all grown up and moving out- of our room. Just shy of 2 months, it's about time. Mike's said a few times now that we have a whole, fully decorated room for this little girl, but we're not using it. I might possibly be on my way to becoming an over concerned/ protective and clingy mom (I think clingy is more appropriate than smotherly, but sure I'm that, too). So, I figure I should start now with trying to get use to my baby moving on and upward. This will make the first day of school, having a teenager and her moving out on her own one day all easier, right? I'm trying to start healthy habits now. If only she was able to fall asleep on her own with out a swing, nursing or being held.

Last night we had fun cycle of June seeming asleep, but then hearing her grunt and making noise on the monitor so we'd go in to find her with the blanket completely kicked off and her mouthing towards the edge of the binky or her blanket. At one point she had pushed herself about 6 inches up from where she started. We'd re-wrap her, pop back in the binky, then think maybe she's really asleep this time. Finally, a little more milk did the trick. Last night I remember turning on the monitor and even checking it and turning it up before I fell asleep, but when I woke up 6 hours later, it was off, and she was awake, ready to eat, but not fussy (phewww)- A little secret I have, I've never woken to June crying and she rarely cries unless she's got a bad tummy ache. I'm pretty lucky, but I dread the day I wake to her crying and go in to see huge tears falling from a look that says "where've you been?" I'm a little harder on myself than I should be, but I'm starting to understand my mom a lot more.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Blessing Day

Thank you all for coming! Se have such amazing friends and family and couldn't be more blessed.

Friday, August 28, 2009


I've been wanting to go swimming forever, but haven't wanted to go alone and feel like it's too cool to go after Mike home from work. So, finally we went today and Aunt Ashley was such a trooper to go with us, to take pictures for me and to not mind June peeing out of her swimmers onto Ash's lap. OOPS! June loved swimming (when ever she puts up with me and what I put her through, like the shower we took the other day, if she can do it without crying, not that she ever cries, then I assume she loves it as much as I do and that I can do it again.)

Monday, August 24, 2009

A whole month!

I can't believe how fast this month has flown by. Before June was here the months just wouldn't pass fast enough, but now she's already a month plus some. Here are some of the things we've been up t0.

Lots of sleeping! Which I love because I can catch up on the sleep I missed nursing at night and just waking up from thinking June might be awake- or I'm slowly getting things done around the house in between her naps.

Hanging out all day, just the two of us- which our days don't really start till noon.

Until daddy gets home. Which occasionally June enjoys watching him play a game or two.

We attempt tummy time, but I don't know that this is what it's suppose to be for.

LOTS of smiles and funny faces.

June loves her real baths so much more than the sponge ones on the counter top. I'm still anxiously waiting to take her swimming, even though it'll probably only last a minute.

We've made it back to church, sort of. And met almost all our family.

We're trying to get out a little more.
Hanging out at Deer Creek. We really need to get out more before it's too cold outside. June's awake more than if we were just at home, as a result then sleeps better at night. It's just hard for me to nurse and feel like I have everything put together when we're outside.

Camp fire and weenie roast up the canyon.

Playing at the Flake's (her future best friends). Tae loves to take care of June and Jess really takes care of us all the time.

I also can't believe how fast June is growing. At her 2 week she had already gained 1.5 pounds, and she hasn't slowed down since. I'm sad to see her grow and will miss how little she is now. I guess she's not really a new born anymore, but she is awake more, is showing more character and is growing up. Mike and I still are amazed that she's ours and we'll be watching her and just can't believe how cute she is and how much we love her.