Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break- With our friends

VEGAS!! -But all we really cared about was the SUN and HEAT!! It was so nice to get a break away from the cold, crappy Utah weather. We found a great deal on a hotel and had 6 couples make the trip down. We had fun laying out, playing, shopping and eating, all of those in excess. Unfortunately it went too fast and we had to come back to the snow.

Sping break- With the family.

We planned a fun vacation with our friends but couldn't resist the opportunity to spend a few days with our family. I'm the only one not in Henderson, so when we go, we get to see my whole family and I love it!
Dia, Hazel and Delyse

Delyse and Hazel
Dessa, Dia, Dane, Hazel, Delyse and Dallin
Dyami, Mike, Dane, Dad, Dessa
Mom and Hazel
Mike and his nephew Conner
Brady, Conner, Mike and Mason

No more orange!

Some how I managed to find a not so great orange color for out extra bedroom. Orange is pretty tough to pull of!! -And the orange was meant to cover the brown that covered the original blue. This room has been an eye sore over and over. Finally we just resorted to painting the room yellow like the rest of the house. Now if feels so much better and we can start to picture a baby in there.
We'll get a better picture once we have a cute little set up going. I can't wait!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Game Night

We had fun with Jones and Flakes last night (like always). We enjoyed some Dalmuti, with hats- something my sister introduced us to.

And some Penny in a pot- I don't know where Mike and Matt heard of this game, but it was new to me. You slice away flour until the penny falls, then person that makes the penny falls has to get the penny from the flour- It gets a little messy. Good thing we only played enough rounds for Mike and Matt to both loose.

Boys Night. Girls Night. (3.1.09)

We knew the boys were going to have a poker night (they just love it and we don't mind as long as it's not at a casino and someone goes home a winner- $2 bucks can go a lot farther), so we planned ahead for the girls. We had a blast getting pedicures- but the other girls will have to post pictures.

We made it back in time for the boys to play, but we weren't done having fun. After Whitney and Britt's singing game (again, some one else can post those pics-Jess if you post a video and I'LL KILL YOU!) Basically the game is to watch someone wear a blind fold and sing along to an Ipod blasting. You sound terrible since you can't hear yourself, that's where it's fun for others, but it actually ends up being very liberating as you start to relax and sing louder- since you can't hear how bad it is, you just enjoy being in your own world.

Then we found another way to entertain ourselves sliding down the stair. When laundry baskets don't work, how about a baby mattress.

If you can't tell, they were trying to have a little train ride.