Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Holidays (1 of 4 new posts)

Our tree at home.

Dancing to the Christmas music.

Christmas morning.

Playing at Hazel's.

Playing at Domina's

Snow Day

A night out dancing.

Steven (our sister-in-law's brother/ Mike's coworker/ friend) got married just before Christmas.  His wife is from Guatemala and so the reception brought a lot of culture with it, meaning DANCING.  June was in heaven and could have danced the whole night if we let her.  We left the reception wondering what went wrong with our culture and the lack of dancing or social dancing technique and the awkward personal boundaries that limit you to dance with just your spouse or family.  It was definitely a fun night that I wouldn't mind doing again.

Aquarium Day

We had a fun day at the aquarium in Sandy.  We met our friends Lindsay and Jersey there, but totally missed seeing Jess and her girls :( . June loved seeing all the weird things swimming around and playing with Jersey.