Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Hobby: Wii

We can't get enough! The best part is that it really looks somewhat like us playing ! (Besides the funny bodies and spheres for hands.)

I am NOT a gamer. I've always just avoided every kind of video game including arcades. I'm not good, not patient and don't bother learning, but this is right up my ally and I even beat Mike half the time. I'd have to say though, I do get a little sore from all the pitching, hitting, bowling and may develop a case of tennis elbow if I'm not careful. My favorite to sit back and watch is Mike boxing, I love it! The other night I headed to bed while Mike was doing homework. I got up an hour later for a drink and caught Mike playing.

Every one needs to come play with us!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Addition

My sister had her baby yesterday, and only 2 days late! Since she's far far away in no man's land (AKA Reno) My mom flew out, but no one else in the family has gotten to meet the new addition, except via cell phone pictures. Maybe buy the time we do meet her she'll have a name. The fickle parents haven't decided on a name yet, but I guess there's no real deadline for a name. One thing's for sure, she looks like a Hardy as for now.

CONGRATS Delyse and Dane! And welcome to the world Baby Hardy!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Valentine's Trip

I love traveling and have needed it with this crazy winter. I always bug Mike to plan a weekend get-away and also share my big trip ideas, but never does Mike take me seriously. When he suggested we go to Henderson for Valentine's and over the 3-day weekend I was so excited.

We had a blast with both our families. our two big highlights of the weekend were 1.My little brother, Dane, taught us how to use his Rip-Stick and Mike mastered it after spending most of Saturday cruising around the patio and cul-de-sac. Finaly Sunday I was getting the hang of it and it's now at the top of our list of toys we want. 2. We spent al Monday morning at the park with boh our families. Little Mason and Brady cruised around on their bikes, so cute! We played on the playground, more Rip-Stick action, jumbo frizbees, picnic and watched Mason walk in circles learning how to walk my parents' do K8. (ha,ha, like k-9 but said Kate, my dad has a great sence of humor!)

I was sad to leave our family and the warm weather, and a little frustrated considering we left our car behind. It's getting a little work done.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I got his in a email from Ashley and thought this was fun. Enjoy.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Oh man, I just had the best Sunday nap ever. That's right, this spot on the floor brought me the most joy and refreshment ever. Finally a little sun. Well, sort of. I didn't get to hop in the pool or throw down a blanket on the grass since the snow still lingers, but I did get to feel the nice warm sun with only a slight cool breeze. Right now I'm even enjoying blogging from the comfort of my balconi with my short sleeves as if it was spring already. I can almost say that I'm getting a little hot! Thank goodness for the cool breeze, ha!

It has been the best little escape from it all. Leaving church today, I got so excited to feel the sun subtlely heat up my black outfit. Once home, I opened up the shades and welcomed in that heat that we've all been missing for months. I got pretty comfy on the floor, feeling the sun warm my skin! Waking up warm and dazed as if I had just fallen asleep by the pool. Summer can't come soon enough!

Wait a second, I just got a breeze accompanied by a nice farm aroma, maybe the snow melting equals fresh smells that I don't want, oh no!