Saturday, December 27, 2008


I love when Mike has a break from school. With no projects or studying to be done, he's more chipper and feels free to do anything, too bad we're not more adventurous. Since he's been home a little bit more too, he's decided that we need to re-due our organization system. No complaints here, although I was a little surprised to see Mike want to build or craft something. Usually I'm the one using tools on random mini projects. I was excited to see him in action and am pretty proud of our end result.


This year we were at Mike's parents for Christmas. We enjoyed games and movies Christmas eve, spent the night there, then a fun day of Christmas followed by Dean's amazing smoked BBQ for dinner, with of course more games that night. Next week we'll celebrate again when Amy (Mike's sister) and her family are in town. Maybe then we'll even venture out and play in the snow- we're not too fond of the white stuff.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving at my parents'

Mike and I went to my parents last week and had a blast. Too bad it's all over and went so fast.

(Here's all the fam together- Little Dane, Delyse, big Dane, Hazel, Mike, me, Dallin, Dia, Dad, Dessa, Mom)

After eating the big dinner at the Stolworthy's, we enjoyed a good old desert flood on the porch.

(and a few rounds of Chicken Foot)