Monday, August 23, 2010

My-side Family trip to St. George, July 21-25

Sort of a repeat of our Mike's family trip, we planned the same trip with my family. Usually we just visit Vegas or try to squeeze everyone into my condo, but this summer I insisted that we get away and not have any distractions.
Birthday fun with June.

Zions. We played and picnicked on the river for a bit before half of the family went up the narrows. June was in heaven. Dirt and water, her two favorite things.

After the trip I went to my family's for a week. Being there while they went through the day-to-day things made me really wish I could be a part of that. I'm the only sibling that doesn't live within 2 miles of home base, so I feel out of the loop sometimes.
My mom had a little work done on fixing her insides (the main reason I came for the extra visit). It was her first time going under and she was so nervous. That morning before surgery she sent out a text, "I love you. Remember to read and pray." I laughed since it sounded a bit like last words, knowing how very terrified she was of the anesthesia, but I think we we asked her about it she brushed it off and joked about making sure we read that night.-Her joking was done slowly, less obvious but all the more amusing as she was loving that morphine.
I went to the dentist while Dad and DJ were at the hospital with Mom, so Dane was in charge. I came home to this, so precious. He looked like he was about to fall off the bed but he didn't want to move to wake up June. For a few hours after this, he was still complaining of a sore arm.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mike's-side Family Trip to St. George, June 24-27.

We spent a few days in St. George and a day up at Zions with Mike's family. We spent a lot of time at the pool, eating yummy food and treats, saw Toy Story and played hard. After the trip, Amy and her boys came up to Highland for a week and we made a trip up to the zoo with them.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

She's 1!

I'm posting this so very late- 1 month late exactly. I'm a bit of a horrible birthday planner (I wasn't too fond of birthdays growing up for several reasons, so I'm a little awkward and unsure about making one a big deal) but what do you do when the birthday girl doesn't know what's going on and you don't want to impose on others? June Bug, I promise next year I'll plan a little better and I'll make sure that I take pictures including everyone else that was there, not just you eating cake. A big THANK YOU to everyone that made the big 1 special!!!

CELEBRATING WITH MY FAMILY- On June's actual birthday, we were in St. George with all of my family for our first family trip together in forever, maybe even since my Grandma Selch's funeral at least 6 years ago. Can't think on another time where we were all on a trip where the destination wasn't one of our homes.- Unimportant factoid, I know. Here's to family trips and to June! Hip Hip Hurray!

CELEBRATING WITH FRIENDS- Jess hosted everyone at her house for cake and fun, which of course meant a princess party!!!

CELEBRATING WITH MIKE'S FAMILY- We celebrate birthdays with the Sorensens at a Sunday dinner. Joyce makes the birthday person's favorite meal and if you're lucky, she's make a fancy cake. Being June's first actual celebration, she wasn't sure what to do with the cake. We plopped it in front of her and it took her forever to even poke at it. Considering June had no idea what was going on at Christmas, presents were a relatively new idea, too. The whole unwrapping part seemed a little pointless as she was so uninterested and couldn't forget about the previous present, but once she could see what was in there she was in heaven.