Friday, June 20, 2008

You've got to love summer baseball games and the fireworks after. I don't know what we did all winter?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You're my favorite!

The post is really only about how much I wanted to tell Mike I LOVE YOU. Mike, YOU'RE THE BEST.

The little trials we go through really just open our eyes to the amazing things we do have. We sort of had a bad day today, so we took the day off together. Spending that time talking and sharing, really reminded us of what blessings we do have and for me, WHAT AN AMAZING HUSBAND I HAVE. I wouldn't want any one else to spend the bad days with.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Saturday we had fun with the Flakes up AF Canyon. Since we've had such crappy weather, we've had to try to find activities that didn't involve swimsuits. We didn't go on any crazy trails or anything- I really prefer a nice relaxing ride to just enjoy the scenery, no thrills or scares. It was so pretty the higher up we went. We could see the river along side the whole way with a lot of great camping spots. We didn't have to go too high before we were seeing snow on the ground and it even started snowing during our picnic.
We had our little picnic before we decided to head back down. We tried to start a little fire to warm up but failed miserably with every piece of wood being so wet. Here, Mike decided to leave out little mark, so sweet! The whole trip Tae was such a trooper, even sleeping through some of the drive.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hubby Tag-

Since I have the morning off and I'm trying to fight the urge to just get back in bed, I figured I do this post. I'm tagging Ash Sorensen, Jess, Katie, Kate, Ash Wood.

How long have you been married? 3 years in August!
How old is your hubby? 25 1/2.

Who eats more? I'm sure Mike can eat more, but lately I feel like I do. I'm eating constantly! And it's a major weekness. Once Mike brought me home a pizza because he new it would make me happy. (Don't get me wrong, I love flowers, but don't touch my left overs!)
Who said I love you first? Mike for sure. He'd always slip when we were dating saying "I love (stutter) hanging out with you" because he would realize half way through what he was about to say and how throwing out the word love in the same way you'd say "I love pizza and can't get enough of it" was probably not the right way to use such a loaded word. Also he's say "Ich libe dich" and I always new he was saying it in German. I did though mention marriage first which then initiated the conversation where the L-bomb was then dropped by both of us.
Who is taller? Mike and just enough! I can wear heals and he doesn't tower over me.
Who sings better? I would say that I do, but I have major stage fright/issues. I use to always sing but then I was annoyed with arrogant bad singers and Broadway wannabees showing off, so I retired the talent. I DON'T karaoke. Some day I want to teach Mike how to read music and play a piano then maybe he'll hit the notes right.
Who is smarter? Both in different ways. Mike's reason and clarity in every thing always mazes me but it drives me crazy when he takes a math class and doesn't get it. We have completely different educational and work backgrounds and think SO differently. We met in the one class that we had together, I've never even thought about who got the better grade, I'll have to find out.
Who controls the T.V. remote? If we're not watching separate TVs then usually Mike. When I get really bored with the sports I tell him to change it. So I control Mike who controls the remote.
Whose temper is worse? At our maddest I'm guessing Mike, but we really don't have much to have tempers over and because my anger comes out as super sad and frustrated, not fury.
Who does the laundry? Me, 90% of the time but we're both worried that Mike will dry clothes that I don't want to shrink. We have completely different ideas of cleaning. Mike cleans the clutter in the house, I deep clean the house.
Who does the dishes? That's a little more 50/50, but if you add who takes care of the car, bills, accounting, etc, it's all mostly me unless I need his help. Mike definitely dominates on the working outside the home.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Mike- when we first got married, the right side was next to the wall and I hated the idea of being stuck between a person and a wall, I get a little claustrophobic. If we ever push the bed up to a wall again, I'll take the open end.
Who cooks dinner? When we're not grabbing something quick or eating out, Mike always asks, so, what are you making. Drives me crazy! We both use to cook more than we do now, but usually we'll both makes some and we usually both help, only on accasion do we make anything fancy.
Who is more stubborn? Stubborn? I'm not sure. With making decisions, Mike usually knows what he wants and I'm indecisive. With disagreements, I hold on to them longer, but feel like Mike's pretty set in his ideas. I guess Mike is.
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Me, maybe I'm "wrong" more often? Not wrong, just a little less rational.
Whose parents do you see the most? Mike's, WAY MORE! The 10 min vs. 6 hour drive sort of influences that. Who has more friends? Mike definitely. Mike has a tons of boys, which lucky for me, a lot of them have wives.
Who has more siblings? Me, 3 sis and 2 bro. Mike has one of each. Who wears the pants in the family? Hmmmm? If anything, I let Mike have them when it's not equal.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dinner up the Canyon

Heading up before the rest of the gang, we had some great tin foil dinners with the Flakes. We're hoping to get back to this little field right bellow the lake from some real camping sometime. You can't see the road and usually don't get too many people around you. Saddly my camera died so I couldn't get pictures of the guys playing hot potato and the rest of every one there.

Sorensen trip to California.

First summer camp out.

Finally getting some warm weather, we all were able to go camping but finding a place was another story. The canyon was packed so we ended up at around Hogs Hallow. We couldn't complain though, great view, phone service, and seclusion.

Getting summer started.

We started the summer off with some fun things, thought I'd catch up on the blogging.

Boondocks with Mike's work team.

Mike's work has a softball team.

Getting the Flakes some cool air.