Monday, April 25, 2011

No more binkies!

I was starting to get frustrated that June thought she needed her binky 24/7,  that it could start to affect her teeth and that she's was starting to look too old for it.  So last week I had June give all her binkies to our friend Baby Brox (Thanks for the idea Lindsay).  I don't know if cold turkey is the correct parenting approach for weaning off the binky, but it seemed to be what I needed to get it done and to stick to it.  She asked for it constantly at first, but not really any more, 5 days later.  The hardest part of this has been getting her to sleep and nap.  Our routine has been for me to hold her at nap time for a few minutes until she zonks out, then at night she's an angel and I just lay her down.  Now though, she's not settling down on her own, she goes to sleep 1-2 hours later than normal for naps and bedtime, and wakes up an hour earlier in the mornings.  She's been a lot more emotional and I hate hearing her cry as she tries to settle to sleep at night.  Yesterday, I resorted to taking her on a walk to get her to nap, so today I just decided to not try so hard and I'd just wait for her to be ready on her own.  Within a minute of her deciding she was tired, she laid on the couch, closed her eyes, rolled once or twice and ended up alseep like this...
June's always been pretty active and never sleeps as much as our friends' kids seem to.  So I don't know it it's a phase or if She's just going to end up being one energetic and headstrong little lady.  

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Ash Wood threw us an amazing little lunch party yesterday.  We all arrived in awe and couldn't believe all that she had done- things like treats baskets on the back of the chairs, yummy and completely homemade foods, fancy settings, decor and even a little gift for each of us.  We all felt so special and loved and Ash really needs to start a party planning and catering blog/business.  I'd hire her!