Wednesday, April 29, 2009

80 days to go!!

That sounds so soon, but then again might not come fast enough!

I feel like I need to start any complaints with a disclaimer:  I know how amazing it is that my body can be going through this huge miracle.  There are times where I am so humbled and in awe of such a little sweet creation thriving inside of my body and that for this short period of time, my body can hold an extra body and spirit.  Also, that my body automatically proceedsthrough the changes and processes that need to happen to make this possible and to give such life, of which I have absolutely no mental power or control.  Although unreal as it can seem at times, it's pretty amazing, especially when I feel her move and have unconsciously created such an attachment to her.

BUT- it can be pretty miserable too. 
Maybe since this picture I've gone through a growth spurt- or maybe not and it's all in my head, but I'm definitely out of the tender 2nd trimester and onto the exhausting 3rd.  I wonder how in the world can I grow for 3 more months and if it's already this uncomfortable, I don't know how I'll be able to stand being in my own skin.  Granted, I have the worst stuffy nose right now that's causing me more grief and loss of sleep compared to what any pregnancy symptoms have caused and I have to deal while Mike gets to pop any meds he wants for quick relief. (He does wake up at night as I try to cope with my discomforts, maybe that makes it fair.)

Now adding to that,  my growing body is getting in my own way.  Worst of all is my sciatica/ PGP pains that come and go- at least they aren't constant yet.  I can't bend without smashing my stomach and feeling a flare of heartburn in the process.  Things such as shaving or putting lotion on my legs, putting on socks, clipping my toenails ( I get way to winded and exhausted to even attempt painting my toenails), picking up all the little things I clumsily drop, and anything else that involves bending forward is just too hard with a big bump in the way.  Also, my skin feels tight all over my body, I'm watching new dimples (that sounds a little better than cottage cheese) creep down my legs, stretch marks pop up out of no where, other body parts seem to be excessively large,  I've got colostrum (if you don't know what that is, don't ask), I'm less tolerable of the heat, and this is the most pathetic, but I feel like I loosing definition between my chin and neck, making my face look fat.  

Yes, pregnancy is terminal and I'll have a little baby in my arms along with room in my gut.  And yes, I can work hard to get my body into shape.  If I'm really desperate down the road, there's always surgery!  But I don't really get any comfort from these since I'd first have to acknowledge that this baby will have to come out of me -I think I'm in denial of what my options are for that.

Beautiful as it is, sometimes it's very overwhelming.  Now read my disclaimer again so you know I'm so grateful for out little baby.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A picnic with friends.

Yay! We are loving the nice weather- on the days we have it. We've already had dozens of bbq's, winnie roasts, and picnics with our friends. We can't wait for camping, baseball games and swimming! What did we do all winter?? And why do I live where it snows??

How cute are the Woods?

Matt watching the kite blow away

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Growing strong.

For all those that are curious and I don't get to see often enough- Yes, I'm growing. It's not super cute, posed or cheesed, but you get the idea.

I'm starting to feel big (although I know I still have a ton more to grow) and I'm leaving the phase where getting to take my baby with me every where I go was so easy and glamorous. It's loosing its charm -especially when I need to bend over to pick things up, or I bump my tummy against something as I forget about the extra space I take up. I still can't complain. A little back-ache, stretch marks, heart burn and the other twinges really are nothing when I can sit and just feel my baby move. Those little moments put everything into perspective.

(at about 26 weeks)