Monday, September 14, 2009

All grown up and moving out.

June's all grown up and moving out- of our room. Just shy of 2 months, it's about time. Mike's said a few times now that we have a whole, fully decorated room for this little girl, but we're not using it. I might possibly be on my way to becoming an over concerned/ protective and clingy mom (I think clingy is more appropriate than smotherly, but sure I'm that, too). So, I figure I should start now with trying to get use to my baby moving on and upward. This will make the first day of school, having a teenager and her moving out on her own one day all easier, right? I'm trying to start healthy habits now. If only she was able to fall asleep on her own with out a swing, nursing or being held.

Last night we had fun cycle of June seeming asleep, but then hearing her grunt and making noise on the monitor so we'd go in to find her with the blanket completely kicked off and her mouthing towards the edge of the binky or her blanket. At one point she had pushed herself about 6 inches up from where she started. We'd re-wrap her, pop back in the binky, then think maybe she's really asleep this time. Finally, a little more milk did the trick. Last night I remember turning on the monitor and even checking it and turning it up before I fell asleep, but when I woke up 6 hours later, it was off, and she was awake, ready to eat, but not fussy (phewww)- A little secret I have, I've never woken to June crying and she rarely cries unless she's got a bad tummy ache. I'm pretty lucky, but I dread the day I wake to her crying and go in to see huge tears falling from a look that says "where've you been?" I'm a little harder on myself than I should be, but I'm starting to understand my mom a lot more.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Blessing Day

Thank you all for coming! Se have such amazing friends and family and couldn't be more blessed.