Monday, October 19, 2009

3 amazing months!

This third month has been so fun and June seems to be learning so fast. One week she would make a small little laugh/mumble noise (by accident and surprise herself), the next she's talking (intentionally making noise), then the next she's laughing. Now she's learning to use her hands to pull her toys to her mouth. It's amazing what they just naturally learn to do. I try to facilitate her learning by hanging toys right on her chest, but I don't feel like in anyway I'm teaching her to reach and gain control. Really, I'm just the lucky one that gets to watch her figure the world out.

June starting to grab things- when it's conveniently by her hands.

Now she's reaching, grabbing and pulling to her mouth. She's also playing with her blankets, pulling them up to her face to snuggle for a second. I noticed yesterday that she's rubbing her eyes when she's tired. Such little things, but so big to a mom. I love this girl.

Cascade Springs

I love days when:
1. It's super warm out and I feel like winter is far, far away.
2. Mike doesn't have work and gets to spend the whole day with us.
3. And we spend the day like this...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brian Head

Conference weekend we went with Mike's parents and sister's family to Brian Head. Being the Vegas go-to place for winter weather, you'd think I would have been there, but no. Maybe because I'm not a winter-loving person. BLAAAH. And, to describe Brian Head in one word. COLD. And for a second word, WINDY. Maybe it's not always both of those, but it didn't leave a warm inviting impression on me. It was a good vacation though, don't get me wrong, I'm just not ready for the winter, never am.

As for June's first vacation, I was very proud of her and how well she did. She was happy and good and just like she always is. I'm pretty lucky with this little girl.

The boys went 4-wheeling, so we bundle, and I mean BUNDLED the kids up and went on a walk so that we could get out for a bit.

How cute are these little cousins?

I just love my little lady.
Mike and I did get to enjoy a nice 4-wheeling trip with Amy and Cary with a little break from the kids. Maybe I'll get a picture of that later.