Thursday, July 31, 2008

My first Trip to Vegas

For the first time ever, I was going to live the "Vegas Experience", family not included. It really wasn't any different from anytime I have been down there, Cheesecake Fac., Shopping and tons of walking. I don't think Vegas is really worth the hype considering our live style, maybe if we were into beer, skanks, slots, way to high priced fashion and clubs, we can eat and sunbathe anywhere. At least we had Mandalay Bay, that was worth the trip. We spent as much time as we could bare in the sun body surfing, getting fried and swimming. I did learn that it really sucks to know you intown but not planning to see the fam. It was fun though to do once. Mike really has a great job and great co-workers that just happen to be friends.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Getting some new hobbies.

We're starting to collect hobbies- Well, at least the gear for things, we'll see how successful we are with time. Some of our hobbies tend to die fast. After Mike gets his bike I'll have to make a post for that, this post is about MY NEW SEWING MACHINE, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took some convincing for Mike to understand why I would need to spend a lot of money for machine when it's cheaper and cooler to buy clothing. He's got a point so I did compromised with the price, but still I wanted one even if my attempts to make clothing are complete failures. There's still plenty of things I want to make that aren't clothing.

I ordered this machine this morning but it turned out that a shipment came in so I was pretty thrilled to get it early. I figured out the machine and whipped up my first project (a case for our hot dog roasters, nothing requiring any skill to make) all while Mike was playing ball. I wanted to be able to say, "hey, look at what an amazing thing I can make and so quick." Then maybe it would seem more practical to have.