Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Daily life

Hopefully I'll get Christmas pictures posted soon, but this is what we've been up to.
I tired to get a good picture of June's eyes. We have no idea what color they'll end up, but sometimes they're blue, sometimes they're hazel with only a blue ring. I hope they stay this way, a little of Mike's, a little of mine.

June LOVES playing with Mike, we wish he could be home all day everyday.

Sometimes we head back to bed after waking up too many times and too early. One morning I heard June waking up, so I went out to find her sitting like this. Don't you love her expression?

I try to get things done, whether it's cleaning, projects or cooking, but it usually takes me a day for one of those. How do some women do it?

We love to watch the weather!!

Bouncers are AMAZING! June goes crazy in there and loves to jump even when she's not in there.

Mmmmm. Lately June has tried to lunge at my food when I'm holding her and bringing food to my mouth. I've gotten the feeling that she's very ready to eat. Over Christmas she was loving all the pickles, homemade jam, crackers and other things we would give her. As for the rice cereal, she's not quite sure what to think.

And today we're fighting a cold. I promise she doesn't look this sad, she had just woke up and the flash was bright. She had a rough time trying to sleep last night, so she ended up spending the night in the swing to be propped up. After finally getting a few hours of sleep, her poor nose had dripped and crusted over. Now it's back to running constantly and she cries whenever I give it a wipe. She's still pretty happy, so it just breaks my heart watching her put up with the cold.