Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gone fishin'

Mike's always loved fishing, but has gotten into it more in the last month because of Gabe Miles.  So, Monday, our two little families went fishing at a new pond in A.F.   At first, they were catching a bunch of little fish that we kept them in June's bucket for her entertainment.  Finally, towards the end of our trip, Mike and Melissa both reeled in something a little more impressive.   

I've been wanting Mike to bring home a catch so that I could try fish a little more often, to decide if I like eating it.  I didn't realize that I'd be cooking it in its recognizable fish form.  So, as I was cooking it on our little grill outside, June was watching and caught a glimpse and instantly knew what it was.  Fish!   I have no idea if she realized the head was gone, or what I was doing to it, so I quickly closed up the foil, agreed with her on what it was, then moved onto the rest of dinner preparation.  While eating dinner, she knew the fish was in the foil and kept pointing and saying fish.  Mike pulled the meet off and I gave June a little piece and that's when I think the confusion set in.  She wouldn't eat it.  It was no longer recognizable, and looked just like a little bite of chicken.  She had the little piece of meat on her plate forever, I think she wanted it there.  She knew where it came from, and treasured it for that, so she couldn't imagine eating it, but she wasn't sad at all.  When she didn't know that I was feeding her fish, she ate it right up, it was just that little piece on her plate that she kept on eye on.
 I wish I could know what she was thinking.  This whole things sounds a little morbid and traumatic, I promise it wasn't. 

A little time with our families

Last week Dessa was in town and June and I both LOVED it.  She was a huge help with June and it fun just to get to spend time with her.

Friday we drive down to Vegas for Sydney's wedding.  We had a great breakfast with my family, then spent the afternoon swimming with Mike's until it was time for the wedding.  June loves all her cousins.