Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

Grease Lightning!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall fun.

No more swimming, so now what? I'm loving that it was still nice enough to play outside, I just wish I'd get out more with June. I'm horrible, it's a little hard to get out- only because I'd have to change out of my p.j.'s and June's a little more effort on the playground. She isn't afraid of anything, is pretty independent, and doesn't understand the limits of her abilities (for now). So I'm always right behind her on the playground- if she's not wondering off looking for neighboring dogs. The hardest part is that she doesn't want to listen when she's so set on something else. As for the days we don't get out, she doesn't stop moving from one venture to another. Not pictured bellow- June dances to every note or rhythm she hears. She loves to get into the cabinets in the kitchen and climb right in. The bath tub is our new pool and June loves to splash water out of the tub- maybe it's my frustration that motivates her.

June LOVES the Babies documentary. I have to hide my phone from her because if she sees it, she'll immediately start asking for it. "Babies!? Babies!?" I really try to limit the time she watches any TV, but it is my one resort when I really need to get something done. Usually we just let her watch on our phones, but then she pushes the buttons and we're restarting the thing over and over. I turn on Babies on the computer for those really special times when I want to get her to sit still- like when I was trying to scrub the floor in the bathroom (triple threat- wet floor to play in, she can now open the toilet or climb into the tub.)

Hide your purses! June knows, where there's a purse, there are treats, wrappers, lip gloss and more to find. My purse was empty and I couldn't figure out what she wanted, so I took her for a ride.

June's feeding the baby. After stirring in the bowl, she makes a really cute smacking sound as she's pretending the baby is eating off the spoon. She also loves to push her stroller around, with or with out baby. Some times the highchair gets taken for a spin around the house too.

When I'm trying to get ready, June heads for 2 different things, sitting in the laundry basket or emptying out the vanity drawers. Guess which one she chose this time- Sorry June, concealer isn't the same as chap stick.

At the playground. June really can get up and slide alone, but it's when she wants to slide down the climbing ramp with raised pegs that really looks like a slide but isn't at all (who's idea was that?) or when she wants to climb up the ladder that she needs some support.

Night with Nanna and Pappa

While Mike and I went out, June had a blast with her grandparents. I had no idea that we'd show up to drop June off and then be rushed out the door so their date with June could begin. I'm sure June loved it.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mmmmm Coconut-lime.

I was completely sold by the coconut and lime possibilities of this banana bread recipe. It was great, but the lime glaze on top left me longing for more. Maybe next time I'll add a little zest into the batter or just soak the muffins in the glaze. Still though, a very lovely treat.

I'm finding myself cooking (not necessarily dinner) and trying new recipes now that I'm at home. I've started a "to be made by scratch" list of things I've never made 100% on my own. For example, I've never made any sort of bread until my parents gave me an awesome bread maker for Christmas. So, maybe I'll post them as I do them. Can you tell with the projects and cooking that I'm trying to show you June is not the sole purpose for my existence? Or maybe I'm just tying to convince myself.

Project-ruffle waist skirt.

This skirts is a simple rectangle-cut piece of fabric that is hemmed and cinched at the waste with a riffle on the top. It's really as simple as that. There are a lot of tutorials out there with measurement instructions, like the one found here.

I didn't make any special measurements, just compared it to one of June's existing skirts to estimate the allowance for the seems, hems and waistband. Instead of the elastic right at the top of the waist, I put in a seem to lower the elastic and create the ruffle.

IMPROVEMENTS for next time: The hem is too thick and heavy for how little her skirts is, therefor it feels a little stiff. Also allow a little extra space for the elastic between seems. Make the skirts a little smaller, but she will grow into it!