Sunday, September 26, 2010


We just got back from a amazing trip to Oahu with some of our friends (we wish it could have been all our friends and family, too.) The first day of driving around Oahu was by far the best. We determined though that is was because everything had such a wow factor, that nothing else could compare. The guys, minus Mike, went skydiving. Looking for a lost set, instead we found a gorgeous beach with tons of turtles swimming at our feet. Dinner was at a local joint followed by a gorgeous sunset over Sharks Cove. To add to it, the rest of the week involved several more beaches, hikes, boating, scenic drives and look-outs, and good fun with friends.

June was a perfect angel the whole trip. She may have fussed a couple times, but she was entitled to it. She could have played in the sand and water all day with out wanting to eat or sleep. She did squeezed in naps while driving or riding in the stroller, but if we were ever at a beach, she wouldn't sleep long and was ready to play again. And, of course, all our friends were great with her.

Thank you Katie for all the great pictures. I didn't even bother putting any of the ones we took on here since yours are amazing.

Papailoa Beach

Waimea Beach

Sharks Cove sunset

Moana Falls. Just before we started the hike, we wondered through the Gardens up the road. I'm all about showing June a close look at animals. She seems to love animals, but it a little heasitant once a real one is staring her in the face. I'm hoping the exposure will help her be more comfortable later on in life.

Moan Falls hike. Wet, muddy, slick and long- and a letdown. Hawaii had a bit of a drought so the falls were pretty wimpy. Still fun and beautifully lush.
Laie Temple

Mariners Ridge. The clouds took away from the view, BUT being overcast, it made the hike so much cooler, easier and more enjoyable than if we had done it in the sun.

Pali lookout

This is the view from the top of the Makapu'u Lighthouse trail. We didn't take the time to neture over to see IF we could even get into the lighthouse, but it was a fun view.

Braydn's family was amazing. We played on the ocean, then spent the remainder of the evening relaxing in the hot tub, eating an amazing home-made Hawaiian dinner and spending time with great people. They just embraced us all with such kindness.