Sunday, April 27, 2008

Update on the orange.

This is for Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Flake. We still need to have you come over since we never come here, but for your curiousity, this is all I have done with our orange room. I still need to put up a shelf and paintings. The other half of the room is nothing interesting to see.

The Jazz

In honor of the playoffs and considering I have supported the Jazz more this year than ever before (attending one game and being present as the games are on TV says a lot for me giving basketball a chance.- It's my least favorite to have on TV, it's all just noise.) So I thought I'd post the pictures of the game we went to a few weeks ago. Mike and I don't make too lively of a croud by ourselves, but it was fun. Whitney Burgess happened to be close by so we tried to catch her dancing in attempts to get on the megatron. Maybe she was just a little too far away.